Air Filtration by Enviroclean

Enviroclean Filtration is a specialist air filtration and decontamination arm of Enviroclean Global Ltd. We are the exclusive Scottish distributor for the industry-leading air cleaning units developed by Filtrex, and have a complete technical and service support backup to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

When high-level protection against airborne infections is required, our versatile H14 HEPA and UVC air cleaners provide a cleanroom environment with air filtration to 99.999% @ 0.1 microns and UVC for complete decontamination.

The supply air is tested to class 5 cleanroom standards (AC1500) and is suitable for complete infection control, patient isolation rooms or other cleanroom applications. They can also have optional attachments to provide positive/negative pressure rooms.

Ideal for use in areas where AGP (Aerosol Generating Procedures) are conducted, the units are also suited for use in offices, meeting rooms, canteens, clean-room manufacturing environments, schools and even in your own home.

Air Cleaner AC1500

The AC1500 is a high-air flow,  versatile air cleaner that can create cleanroom grade environments in minutes. Particularly suited for purification of procedure rooms, treatment rooms, surgeries and waiting rooms, it can also be used in general office areas, schools and colleges. It boasts a 3-stage filtration chamber including H14 grade HEPA filtration and additional UVC sterilisation chamber. This unit offers ultimate protection against potentially infected aerosols and air-borne particulate.

The unit utilizes 3 stages of particulate filtration. A coarse panel filter as a pre-filter to remove larger contaminants and visible debris. A secondary V-Flow filter has a grade of ePM1 80%, which removes 80% of particles greater than 1 micron. The final particulate filter is an H14 Hepa filter tested to EN1822 standards and efficient at 99.999% @ 0.1 microns.

The AC1500 air cleaner is the result of decades of experience, intelligent design and reliable components. This means it can provide clean [Supply Air Class ISO 5 – EN ISO 14644 Cleanroom Standards (Class 100 US FED 209E)] air continually at a staggering 1500 cubic meters per hour or 25 cubic meters per minute.

Any microorganisms that are trapped in the filter section are eliminated via germicidal UVC lamps. These are housed within the unit, and provide a microbiological reduction of up to 100%.

Enviroclean Filtration are the sole partner distributor in Scotland for these hospital-grade air cleaners by FILTREX. Please contact us for more information on the other ranges we do, including service and maintenance packages. Looking for support on your sites in England or Wales? Please contact us for advice, or visit our partner site for additional resources.

AC500 and 750 Range

A compact range of air purifiers adept for use in waiting rooms, small procedure rooms, office areas, schools and colleges. Boasting premium H14 grade HEPA filtration and UVC sterilization decontamination for increased infection assurance making these optimal units for efficient air purifying.

An image of the AC750 mid sized air cleaner range.

Using the same grade H14 HEPA filters found in the AC1500 unit, these units use a unique spherical filter to maximise filtration efficiency in a compact, portable air decontamination unit.

The highly efficient germicidal UVC lamps accommodated in the unit inactivates microbes trapped in the filter section. This results in a microbiological reduction of up to 100%.

AC300 Mini Air Purifier

A proficient air purifier for air purification suited for use in a diverse range of environments including communal office areas, schools, nurseries, waiting rooms, doctors’ surgeries and meeting rooms. With the inclusion of H14 grade HEPA filtration and UVC radiation to neutralize the microorganisms these units provide the ultimate protection from aerosols and airborne impurities.

The H14 HEPA filter tested to EN1822 standards and efficient at 99.999% @ 0.1 microns, finalises the comprehensive filtration process.

Image of an ac300 mini air purifier

Microorganisms trapped in the internal filters are inactivated via germicidal UVC lamps housed within the unit which results in a microbiological reduction of up to 100%.