Air Filtration by Enviroclean

Enviroclean Filtration is a specialist air filtration and decontamination arm of Enviroclean Global Ltd. We are the exclusive Scottish distributor for the industry-leading air cleaning units developed by Filtrex, and have a complete technical and service support backup to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

When high-level protection against airborne infections is required, our versatile H14 HEPA and UVC air cleaners provide a cleanroom environment with air filtration to 99.999% @ 0.1 microns and UVC for complete decontamination.

The supply air is tested to class 5 cleanroom standards (AC1500) and is suitable for complete infection control, patient isolation rooms or other cleanroom applications. They can also have optional attachments to provide positive/negative pressure rooms.

Ideal for use in areas where AGP (Aerosol Generating Procedures) are conducted, the units are also suited for use in offices, meeting rooms, canteens, clean-room manufacturing environments, schools and even in your own home.